Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturday August 17th 2013 - New! "Poker Run" format

The tournament is Saturday August 17th 2013.

New this year at the Pacific Island Tournament will be a "poker run" style side tourney.  In addition to prizes for the individual events you can earn cards for a poker tourney on the side.  The format will work like this:

For every event you compete in you will get a playing card  for competing.  If you place in any event you get an additional card.  If you take second you will get an additional card and First place will get an additional card.

Competing:  1 card
3rd place:  2 cards
2nd place:  3 cards
1st place: 4 cards

At the end of the tournament you take all of your cards earned and make the best poker hand.  The best hands will win prizes.   So,  if you enter all the events and do well you have a great chance of putting together an awesome hand! 

Registration form:

PIT Registration PDF

Video Rules